Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Only Child Expiring

With just a week left until baby Serpa makes his appearance, Giada will be loosing her only child card and become a big sister.

She is now 17 months old and the light of our lives. Giada still naps twice a day and goes to bed at 8:00 and sleeps till 7ish. Her personality is at an all new high these days!  She is a strong mix of one stubborn Italian/Portuguese child- we are sure I trouble! 

As we transitioned into our new home, Giada went into a big girl bed. Much to my surprise, she has done great! Without any trouble she naps and sleeps in the bed each day. Potty training took a back seat to the move and bed transition, but I may try and squeeze one more try in before baby boy. (Maybe)

Giada is still a peanut and wearing 12 month clothes, size three diapers and transitioning into size 4 shoes. 

Here is a little walk down memory lane!
1 month - Trip to Pismo
2 months - Recovering from my first illness

3 months - Mom and Dad attended BASH

4 Months - My Baptism

5 Months - Tia Graduates College - Trip to Reno
6 Months - Father's Day
7 Months - 4 of July in Lake Tahoe
8 Months - Working on my Hula Skills
9 Months - Love my Puppies and Baby
10 Months - Announced I'm Going to be a Big Sister!
11 Months - Pumpkin Patch
12 Months - Happy Birthday

13 Months - Stockings Christmas Morning
14 Months - Happy New Year
15 months - Lake Tahoe for Levi's Birthday
16 months - Happy Easter
17 Months - I moved and went into a big girl bed!

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