Saturday, August 20, 2016

Farmhouse Friday: Favorite Looks

After being away for the past three days in Newport for back to school meetings, it is time to finish up my home office and gear up for the start of school. As much as I love the galvanized desk I built this summer, the lack of storage is tricky. With that being said, I have researched several DIY ideas for the office. In the next week I will be building and organizing several items for the office. 

For this Farmhouse Friday, I would like to share some blogs and ideas I will be using for my work space.

1. Hidden Printer Space

One of the biggest problems with my setup is a location for the printer. Not only do I not want to look at a printer in the office, I lack an area to place the printer. With this great storage idea I will add more decor to the room and hide the printer.


2. Hanging Baskets

3. Trash Can 

This seems like a logical addition to the office, but something I failed to add in the beginning of my office transformation.

DIY industrial style laundry hamper tutorial

Trash Can


3. Industrial Letters

industrial metal letters
 Industrial Letters


4. Memo Board

Memo Board

5. Farmhouse Fan 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Farmhouse Friday: Farmers Market Sign

Wow! What a week! I am beyond excited to say Happy Friday! Life sure happened this week and it is time for the weekend! Heaven received a new angel early Wednesday morning and my family said goodbye to one of the most amazing, selfless, stylish, loving grandmas a girl could ask for! 

As I embraced it being Friday and headed north to celebrate Central Catholic's 50th Anniversary and Grand Opening of the Mark Gallo Fitness Center; I am happy to once again feature TSK Design Works for Farmhouse Friday! 

TSK Design offers the perfect farmhouse signs for your farmhouse look. I have their "Farmers Market" sign in my kitchen and LOVE it! Not only are their signs unique, they offer custom wording and sizes to fit your home. Below you will find their farmers market sign and some of the other products they offer.

TSK Design Works 



Jocko James 3 Months

Jocko turned three months old on August 2nd. It's hard to believe three months have gone by and how much he has changed! He now eats at 7:00, 10:15, 1:30, 4:45 and 8:00 - then straight to bed. He's wearing 3 to 6 month clothes and still in size 1 diapers. Just recently he started to roll from his back to his stomach and lifts his head while laying on his stomach. Jocko is very intrigued by his energetic sister and loves to watch her run around the house. He is an easy-going baby, quite the talker, loves to smile and enjoys snuggling with mom and dad. 

Just in the last month I feel like I can finally breathe again. With Giada in bed at 8:00 and Jocko at 8:30, Anthony and I once again have evenings together.

We love you handsome boy!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Mommy Monday/Farmhouse Friday Featuring TSK Design Works

I am not sure where last week went, but time flew by and I did not post for Farmhouse Friday. Without a post on Friday, I decided to tie together Mommy Monday with Farmhouse Friday.

As a mom, I live and breath my family. Ever since we moved into our Fixer Upper, I have wanted to create a collage of our family focused around a chalkboard. With the help of TSK Design Works, I was able to create the perfect wall collage of Giada and Jocko centered around one of their chalkboard products. The chalkboard and frame added the perfect farmhouse look I envisioned.

Today I would like to introduce, TSK Design Works. TSK Design Works is an Etsy company that creates wood signs, chalkboards, large wall clocks and other home decor. I am highlighting their new chalkboard in my wall collage. In partnering with TSK Design Works, I am looking forward to featuring them for the next two Fridays and their wonderful products. 

When it came to the wall collage, I spent a good hour rearranging picture frames. With a vision in mind, I knew it would take a few times before I found the perfect arrangement .

Not only was I struggling to create the perfect collage, but my helper was rearranging the frames as I put them in place.
At first I wanted to use several different colors of frames....

I quickly realized that was not the look I was going for.

And once again, Giada found the need to  un-tape the sheet as I was working.
Now I was on to a simpler look with just black picture frames.

Once I had an idea of my arrangement, I used newspaper and printing paper to map out the collage.
Almost done...

Final Product!

Check out TSK Design Works on Etsy by clicking on this link.

Now it is time to update the pictues...

Check in Friday for Farmhouse Friday and TSK Design Works "Farmers Market" sign.

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