Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Testing our Patience...

Week three of the remodel has arrived and the exhaustion has kicked in! With all the trials and tribulations, Anthony and I are looking forward to the moment we can move into our house. Last Friday we officially moved out of our old house and said goodbye to many first memories. Our lives were packed into trailers and we bunked up with my in-laws until the remodel is fished.

The original projection of a two week project may have been possible if all work went accordingly to planned, but we should have know better. 16 days after the re-texturing of the house began, we are STILL finalizing all texture issues. The paint is on hold until texture is finished and the hardwood cannot be installed until all work is complete. With fingers crossed and keeping positive thoughts (which are hard at times), we hope to move in early next week.

Loading up the truck Thursday night and Giada rocking an interesting new style. Can't thank Scott enough for the storage.

Tile Removed

 Prepped for Hardwood

 The plumbing is hidden in the wall and drywall/texture is now complete.

All the blue tape is where texture needs to be fixed. YIKES!

 Master - Before and After


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

With all the chaos in our lives the past few weeks, Easter was a nice break. The day started with church and then a nap for Giada before we headed out to Johnny and Julie’s house. Giada opened her Easter basket just before we loaded up the car and drove to Riverdale. We spent the rest of the day at Johnny and Julie's hunting Easter eggs, celebrating Johnathan’s birthday and had a delicious lunch. Though we were home by 5:30, it was time to relax and call it a day!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Remodel Continues...

Here is a brief update on the house.

The brains working to figure out the last support beam.

And...The final beam went in last night!

I almost forgot what it looked like with a wall. 

The formal dining room is textured and almost ready for paint. All patch work is complete and I can't wait for the paint to begin.

Paint is ready to begin in the master and Giada's room... The end is in sight!

Guest Bedroom

The built-in desk is now removed and they have almost finished texturing the room. As I was knocking out the desk a letter from 1972 and receipt from 1978 fell to the floor - What a piece of history from the house. 

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