Monday, March 21, 2016

Demo - Week 2

What a weekend!

The house did not make as many dramatic transformations, but what happened behind the walls was BIG! Thanks to Uncle Ben we were able to accomplished some major adjustments.

Support Beams

The two large beams in the driveway are going into the ceiling where walls and support post were removed. As I arrived at the house on Thursday, I was in awe with the size of the beams. Though I did not see the boys lift the beams into the ceiling, watching them maneuver each beam into the house was interesting. Not only did one of the beams go up on Saturday, gas line and duct work needing removal in order to successfully set the beam in place. Another hiccup! Uncle Ben and Anthony moved the gas line and removed the duct work (for the time being) allowing the beam to go into place.

 One beam is up and the other is scheduled to go into the ceiling today.

This is where there beam will sit in the ceiling.



 The beam is up and the room looks HUGE!

Moving Plumbing - Uncle Ben to the rescue! 

Anthony worked closely alongside Uncle Ben to take the previous plumbing from the bar that originally separated the two rooms, and moved it two feet into the other wall. Two days later, cement removed and several trips to Home Depot; it was a success. I can't thank Uncle Ben and my husband enough for all their work!

The Serpa's will forever have their hand prints at this house and Giada loved the cement. 

The Mold Room

This room has been a nightmare! All the Sheetrock and insulation is now removed. The mold is was scraped, bleached and now the walls are ready to reassemble.

The hardwood floors were deviled on Saturday and now acclimating in our bedroom. They is set to go in later this week!

While the boys worked at the house, we took a little break and packed up some more of the house.

Thanks again to all who helped this weekend!

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