Wednesday, December 7, 2016

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom on a Budget

I wish there were more pictures of the "before", but our guest bathroom has made a transformation on a small budget. As always, I did not want to put  a lot of money into a bathroom when we have plans to remodel. However, the remodel is at the bottom of our remodel list. This has led to some DIY projects and attempts to take the bathroom out of the 70's and into modern farmhouse era.  

When we purchased the house the bathroom was fashioned with redish-orange blinds, dark wood cabinets and the original 1973 mirror.  Simply removing the mirror, painting the cabinets and changing the blinds made a world of difference.

Before pictures

Three layers of linoleum ......

After -  DIY shelf was made from old wood in our garage and galvanized pipe.

Simple word art is a perfect way to keep the farmhouse theme.  I live by and remind myself each day to be thankful for all we have.

The Home Depot special added some much needed light in the bathroom.

The old cabinet door is gone  and replaced with a  basket, towels and soap under the sink.

TJ Maxx is an inexpensive way to accessorize 

A big challenge was how to hang the bathroom towels since the bathroom was so small. Galvanized pipe was the perfect solution.

Small touches of Christmas completed my little project.

Total cost was less than $75 to change the outdated '70's look until we check this project off our list of to do's.

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