Friday, January 22, 2016

Giada 14 Months

Giada turned 14 months on the 13th. It's beyond crazy how much can happen in two months. She is running (not walking) constantly talking, strong willed, self entertains, loves her puppies, eats more than Anthony and I put together and still a daddy's girl! Giada is a peanut wearing size 3 diapers and barley fitting into 12 month clothing. I love that she takes two, two hour naps and goes to bed at 8:00 and wakes at 7AM. Anthony and I are entertained on a nightly basis by her personality and feel truly blessed to be her parents. 

Potty training.... Still in the process. I took a little step back and mainly working with her on sitting on the potty after each feeding. We are now to the point where she doesn't fight me to sit, but still doesn't want to use the potty. Also, there is no diaper in the mornings before nap. This means accidents and carpet cleaning are a daily routine! We have had a couple success stories, but definitely not ready to toss the diaper altogether. That's ok- we are working toward the end goal! 3 1/2 months left for me to conquer this obstacle!

We love you peanut and can't wait to watch you be a big sister to your baby brother.

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