Saturday, August 20, 2016

Farmhouse Friday: Favorite Looks

After being away for the past three days in Newport for back to school meetings, it is time to finish up my home office and gear up for the start of school. As much as I love the galvanized desk I built this summer, the lack of storage is tricky. With that being said, I have researched several DIY ideas for the office. In the next week I will be building and organizing several items for the office. 

For this Farmhouse Friday, I would like to share some blogs and ideas I will be using for my work space.

1. Hidden Printer Space

One of the biggest problems with my setup is a location for the printer. Not only do I not want to look at a printer in the office, I lack an area to place the printer. With this great storage idea I will add more decor to the room and hide the printer.


2. Hanging Baskets

3. Trash Can 

This seems like a logical addition to the office, but something I failed to add in the beginning of my office transformation.

DIY industrial style laundry hamper tutorial

Trash Can


3. Industrial Letters

industrial metal letters
 Industrial Letters


4. Memo Board

Memo Board

5. Farmhouse Fan 

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