Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week 1

Monday: Paperwork

This task was fairly quick and painless. The majority of the work was filing and throwing away old coupons and other "junk".

Tuesday: Entry Closet

The closet in itself was not cluttered, just in need of a little organizing. I was able to cleanse of a few coats and threw away some empty boxes I stored in the closet.

Wednesday: Cleaning Supplies

Why do I have so many cleaning supplies and the majority of the bottles are almost empty?!?!

First, I collected all the supplies from every room. After placing them on the table, I was able to assess the bottles and determine whether or not to keep or trash. As I looked through the products, I took the time to place them into a bin for the bathroom, kitchen or outside. Finally, the boxes were labeled with the cleaning products inside and put back into their designated areas.

Thursday: Refrigerator/Freezer

Every week I clean out the fridge, but I do not always take the time to organize the drawers and door compartments. In regards to the freezer, I placed all the baby food in one plastic storage bin, the breast-milk in another and added a few new bins to organize meat, dessert products and the odd-and-ins.

Friday: Living Room Baskets

As our daughter gets older we seem to accumulate more and more toys. The two baskets we have in the living room are now designated for toys.

Week 1 Complete - Bring on week 2!!!!

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